An initiative such as Bleed Hope can only be possible when compassionate souls from different spheres come together
because they feel strongly about something. Here are the some of the people who have made Bleed Hope possible.


Lata Amashi is a Rotarian who is also the Chairperson for Blood Donation in Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar. She is a highly motivated individual who wants to save lives and is driven by the immeasurable satisfaction that comes from it. She is constantly at work, whether it is trying to recruit people to donate blood or arranging blood donation drives in software companies. She feels that only awareness will create more voluntary blood donors. She is the main resource person at Bleed Hope.


Sanjay Koppikar is the co-founder and CEO of Quadwave, a software services company based out of Bangalore. ( He is also a Rotarian and an author as well. Sanjay has nearly 25 years of experience in different areas of IT industry, with over 20 years as an entrepreneur. He started his career as an 18 year old in IT industry from Dharwad, Karnataka before moving down to Bangalore. He is an executive alumni of IIM Bangalore. Sanjay’s first novel Bangalored was published in 2014 and is receiving positive response from readers. He is connected to Bleed Hope through QCares, an initiative of his company Quadwave, which is concerned with helping those who are less fortunate.


Pavitra has been making films on social issues for close to a decade. Her dream has always been to eternalise issues that are important and bring them to the world through the magical and powerful medium of film. After graduating from the New York Film Academy’s Filmmaking Program, Pavitra made her directorial debut with ‘Bus’ (a film that made its mark at the Youth Initiative for Peace in Pakistan), was a journalist at the World Youth Congress in Morocco and travelled across Europe in 2004 as an Ambassador of the NGO – Peace Child International. Her work has brought her many awards including the Ability Media International (AMI) Award in London 2010 for Khushboo, a film about children with complex needs. Pavitra’s Bangalore based team – Curley Street Media have directed the touching and heartfelt videos that capture the essence of Bleed Hope.


Shweta Thakur is one of the Directors of Bangalore based Creative Agency called Graffiti Collaborative. Shweta is an allumini of XLRI Jamshedpur and has worked in Corporate Banking before starting Graffiti Collaborative. Shweta has worked with a number of clients and is passionate about telling their stories and support them with creative campaigns. Shweta represents a charged and motivated team of professionals who worked on this project. Graffiti Collaborative is known for its creative campaigns, websites, designs and their passion for their work. We at Graffiti are very glad to have designed the Bleed Hope website and will be taking care of its social media presence as well.